I often take workshops with 

highly regarded experts in the

fields of health, neuroscience,

Chi gong, meditation, energy

healing, writing psychology

and quantum physics. This 

was at Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica which was a wellness, longevity retreat centered around daily yoga and Afro dance movement. Photo to the right was my Afro . Yoga Instructor.


Joy Goodman has courageously devoted the last half of her life engaged in personal healing and transformation, focused on uncovering her true nature and fully expressing herself. In the process, she has inspired and guided many others of all ages to do the same.  Joy is a humorous and compelling speaker, enthusiastic educator, spiritual advisor, and life coach. 


Joy has been an educator for more than 40 years. Following her inner guidance early in her teaching career, she participated in an intensive professional public speaking course. During this experience, she discovered her natural talent and passion for self-expression. Soon after, inspiration led her to create one of her cornerstone programs, Express Yourself with JOY.  She now offers public speaking and interview skills to high school students and adults.


More recently, Joy embarked on a two-week solo trip to Italy.  Before going, she had to confront the terrors passed down by her immigrant ancestors who fled persecution. After months of inner preparation, she opened her arms to freedom, joy, and saying YES to life!  In order to help others also live more fully and freely, Joy created her study course Courageous Living: Beyond the Fear.


Currently Joy teaches others how to face their fears and become more willing to take risks in all areas of their lives. Joy is passionate about motivating, inspiring, and awakening people of all ages to their inherent magnificence, value, and inner gifts. She is available for Courageous Living group classes, workshops, individual coaching and motivational speaking. 

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Joy chose her dragonfly logo because of their symbolism for change and transformation! It is said that if a dragonfly lands on you, it signifies change for the better. Bring on the dragonflies!


Joy speaking at the Spiritual Living Center Atlanta about her upcoming Lunch & Learn Sessions.

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