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 I was born with a creative spark and have always lived “outside of the box.”  At age 4, using multi-hued crayons, I scribbled the first masterpiece on my bedroom wall (my mother was less than thrilled!). The love for free artistic expression has been a part of me ever since!  This was evidenced in my various careers as a teacher, public speaker, and personal coach. My passion is to liberate the unique expression of Self in each of my students and clients.




In 2019, I connected with my art teacher and continue to study and grow with her. As I explored my technique, I moved from art journaling from the Soul, to finding my artistic voice and style. This led to a natural progression of making cards and prints.  Mastering my style involves developing it daily. This has become my life’s work and Joy.

Art journaling of Sun and Moon paintings.

My first canvas painting of an Angel holding my heart…funny how the Angel ended up looking like me!

Bold, rich colors, a touch of whimsey, and messages that uplift and renew the spirit are present in my artwork. Each piece is infused with Love, Peace, and Joy.  May you be uplifted, soothed, and “tickled pink!” 


Sharing art from my heart brings me great JOY!

JG- SMALLHeaven sent copy.jpg

"Facing Love" with my daughter at a recent art sale... eye to eye with love.

JOY Mark.jpg

I chose the Dragonfly Logo as it symbolizes transformation and the emerging of the True Self. Years of dedicated inner work have allowed me to uncover and then transform limiting beliefs. “Coming Home to the Self” frees me to express myself fully.

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