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Group Facilitation & Workshops

In the 1990’s I participated in my first support group where I was encouraged to share deeply and vulnerably with others.  As a child, I had been taught to stuff my feelings and to please other people at my own expense.  In this group I found the courage to express my true feelings.  It was the beginning of what has been a lifetime journey.

Because of my personal experiences in groups, I believe in their transformative power. They provide a safe haven for inner healing, while supporting each member’s journey from victim to victor!

"Owning our own story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." 

- Brene Brown


Courageous Women's Support Group

The Courageous Women's Support Groups meets regularly in my home where participants are encouraged to share deeply and courageously. Although it is not a therapy group, we consistently witness and support each other in our personal growth. New groups are forming. Please contact me if you wish to form a new group in your community. 

In this newly cultivated community of women, you will experience authentic sharing, self-discovery, and inspiration from the stories of others. In an environment of love and acceptance, you’ll learn to take more courageous steps in creating the life you desire.

Heart to Heart with Joy:

I discovered my love of engaging with Elders at the age of 14 and this passion has continued ever since. The Heart 2 Heart monthly group takes place in a Senior Living residence with a focused monthly theme.  A natural connection and sense of belonging emerges as the elders share their life experiences. A commonality and bond develop with people they barely know. They inspire and uplift each other through sharing their personal stories of triumph, hardship, love, courage, resilience, and much more!

Contact me if you are interested in bringing the Heart 2 Heart program to your Senior Enrichment Center, to a Senior Living residence, or in having me facilitate a group of your own.


"The Courageous Living support group for women has truly been a blessing for me. I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously and this group has served as a catalyst to my growth, my healing, and the evolution into a greater version of myself. Joy is a beautiful woman and a wonderful motivational speaker and I am grateful to be a part of her group. Sharing the same space with other powerful women only acts as a gateway to unleashing my own power. I believe that many people would benefit from a group such as this and I wish that everyone could have a clone of Joy as a wonderful leader of the group!"

Meagan Lewis

Courageous Living Participant

"I am immensely grateful for our monthly gatherings. It’s a gift to sit with this group of amazing women, sharing our true selves with each other in loving support. Joy has a way of weaving the threads of our experiences together as she guides us to a deeper understanding of our own unique journeys."


Courageous Living Participant

"I am learning a lot about others who I didn't know well."

"I feel loved and accepted here."

"I like sharing my stories and myself."

"I come to your group because I need it for my well being!"

"I am uplifted and I leave feeling happier!"​

Heart 2 Heart Participants

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