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Spiritual Life Coaching with JOY!

Everything in the world we live in today is so fast paced that we hardly have time to get everything done, much less take time for ourselves. Sometimes it just seems overwhelming. There are other times when we are facing life changes such as becoming an empty nester, divorce, a wanted or unwanted career change, or changes with your children or grandchildren, that we find ourselves at loose ends, and perhaps a little fearful in knowing what to do. That's when working with Joy Goodman can truly be a blessing for you.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a guidepost to discovering and creating the rich, joyful and courageous life you desire. As you identify your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, you begin to work on letting go of the old, allowing you to experience a new sense of wellbeing, personal fulfillment and freedom. With Joy's coaching, mentoring and spiritual guidance you can choose to live and experience life whole-heartedly and regain your joy of living.

Sessions take place in the privacy of a nurturing, peaceful space that is conducive to honest self-expression. You may choose to come to Joy's home in Atlanta, or have your sessions on the phone or FaceTime. Even after the first session, you may experience the excitement of a new change brewing inside. As we engage, you will feel seen, heard, witnessed, and accepted for who you are. The benefits abound with a greater sense of freedom, courage, confidence and self-love. I am here to uplift, inspire and ignite the spark of Light that is already within you! You will receive the gifts of self-empowerment as you learn to connect with your True Self.

You will determine how many coaching sessions you desire. Some receive the boost they need after several sessions. Others find weekly or monthly long range sessions comforting.

If you truly want change in your life, pick up the phone and call me today. After a few minutes we can decide the best way for us to work together to get you living the life you truly desire!

404.275-2593 or Use the Contact Form by Clicking Here!

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

- C.G. Jung


"My work with Joy is freeing me from self-created limitations. Through her gentle and loving guidance, I am replacing self-doubt and anxiety with calm and a sense of excited anticipation. I feel my own transformation as I discover my deeper truths and personal gifts. I know that something is happening in my little chrysalis. Joy humbly glows with divine love and healing energy."

~~ K.S.

"Last spring I attended Joy's Courageous Living class and also worked with her one-on-one. Joy has taught me techniques to help me release the fear, indecision, and negativity that once controlled my life. I am currently experiencing several life changes ... my job is ending and my children are leaving for college. My sessions with Joy have helped me worry less, listen to my inner voice more, and appreciate the positive aspects of my life. I am so grateful that Joy has helped me develop clarity as I maneuver through this new phase of my life.


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