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Marilyn Dumont

Astrologer and Soul Sage

"You are a teacher who inspires souls."

The Art of Love Workshop

Patricia DiBona

Loved, loved working with Joy. She is dynamic and engaging. Really asks the questions to make you stop and take a look at your beliefs. Bravo!!!

The Art of Love Workshop

Julia Labar

It was a wonderful intimate day of sharing and friendship combined with creativity and love! I would highly recommend this and have done so to many of my friends

Laughter the Best Medicine


When is the last time you had fun? Do you laugh enough? It truly is the best medicine you know. I spend most of my time “adulting” and have to admit that playful laughter with others is not on the agenda as often as I would like. Joy, and her workshop LAUGHTER: MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL was the balm. Lots of fun and left 10 lbs lighter - in spirit! There were around 20 of us at the event - we ALL loved it!

Christy Adkins

Loving & Listening Participant

Joy, thank you for holding a wonderful, relaxing and inspiring workshop. I look forward to attending another.


Patricia DiBona

Loving & Listening Participant

Joy’s workshop was inspiring and forced me to think of “love on a deeper level.”  Her questions to us were thought provoking and everyone in the class was open and participated from their hearts. Thank you for a wonderful workshop. You were both genuine and loving and most certainly full of joy.                 


"Jon and I so enjoyed your presentation. It's not a surprise that it was so good and interesting--after all, presentations are your specialty. What made it special was how much of your true self that you shared. We all have fears to overcome and you give us all hope."


"Just a quick note to tell you that I thought your talk was terrific. You were poised, animated, and clearly spoke from your heart. I loved the way you weaved in the message you wanted to convey about dropping the old stories and beliefs and letting the truth of who you are be fully expressed. Bravo!"

Lunch and Learn


This was an awesome class and it gave me much to think about and try.

Joy's class on Angels was particularly useful. It made me feel more secure and loved by God and his creations.

Joy's workshops, especially the part on Multi-Dimensional Living was informative, supportive and encouraging The "Self-Care" part in particular ,was excellent.

Meg Ash, Psychologist

Public Speaking Workshop Participant

Joy made this public speaking workshop so much fun. We were learning without any sense of nervousness. The morning exercises broke the ice and freed all of us to be more in touch with our uncensored inner creativity. She created a space where each participant felt safe to stand and speak. I will remember this experience as I bring my speaking out into the world."

Margaret Putnam, Hazelbrand Farm LLC

Public Speaking Workshop Participant

"If you have a fear of public speaking then this is a great class to loosen up and let your natural voice find expression. I felt safe and supported while exploring my own stories. I also learned fabulous tips for shaping a story and making it come alive. It's obvious that Joy is a teacher of many years in the final stages of becoming a diamond."

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