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Spiritual Living Center Atlanta's Lunch & Learn 

March 12, 19, 26, April 2:

Randy Stephenson

Every class in Joy's workshop on "Opening to Mysticism" was thought provoking. Her well-planned lessons have inspired and uplifted me. I will definitely dive deeper t=into the topics that were presented. A big "thank you" to Joy for offering this workshop to us.

Sara Moylan

I am grateful for the information that Joy delivered to us during this 1-hour talk on Multi-Dimensional Living. The information helped me make sense of the shifts I am experiencing in my life, toggling between the rules of 3rd and 5th dimension, feeling light and joyous at times, and then so weighed down at others. I recommend Joy's lectures to all who are ready to evolve!


Joy's lunch and learn series has opened my mind to new ideas and information that I'm eager to explore further. A lot of the information resounded and confirmed many of my personal experiences throughout my life. I can't wait to learn more and to develop new channels of discovery within myself.

Lisa M

What a treat! Joy introduced me to wonderful aspects of mysticism I knew nothing about, so I learned right from the beginning. There are many things she has introduced me to that I will continue exploring. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Joy.


Joy was full of factual information, things that I had not heard before or that were being presented in a way that I really heard them. She made time for questions and, where possible, gave great examples of the presentation. I really enjoyed the workshop. Joy is a great presenter and I look forward to more from and with her.

Wayne Zwick

Joy is a Joy. She iw wonderfully well-versed and knowledgable on all her topics, and she stimulates deep thought and introspection. You feel her love of her topic ... and of life?

Tom Woodward

Joy opened me up to areas of thought and understanding that I had never considered, except in passing. She generously shares what she's learned over a lifetime of exploration. She has followed her innate curiosity wherever it has led her to further enlightenment. She is a kind, patient, and loving teacher!

Vickie Gropper, RN, BSN, BS, CRNA

"Opening to Mysticism" by Joy was a Joy, With great humor and sensibility, she gave wisdom in a digestible and engaging way. She's a great teacher and student. She's earnest and gives guidance with references from books and articles. You'll walk away with an open heart and a lighter step.

Jennifer Earl

Joy has the exceptional gift that only the most accomplished teachers and guides possess - she loves to share what she knows simply for the joy of helping others. She knows what her clients and audiences feel and want and is able to connect with them in a warm and inspiring way. Joy is authentic, a seasoned storyteller, a gifted teacher and a beautiful soul. I have had the pleasure of knowing and being a student of Joy's for several years and am a better, and dare I say it, ore "joy-full" person because of it!



I am grateful that Joy came into my life. She is inspiring and insightful, compassionate and relatable. In our very first conversation, it was obvious that Joy "got" me and that she understood my heart. I knew right from the start that this was going to be an important life-changing relationship. Joy's style is encouraging and supportive, patient and kind. I take a thoughtful nugget to ponder after each conversation. Joy has a special way of pushing me out of my comfort zone, without making me feel pressured. She exudes love and nothing but pure joy.

Penelope Williams

Joy encourages awareness and personal growth, supporting he communion of sacred and human life.


Every moment passed by so quickly. Awakening truths and creating growth with each session. New seeds planted ad possibilities endless. Thank you, Joy.


"I attended Joy's Courageous Living class and also worked with her one-on-one. Joy has taught me techniques to help me release the fear, indecision, and negativity that once controlled my life. I am currently experiencing several life changes ... my job is ending and my children are leaving for college. My sessions with Joy have helped me worry less, listen to my inner voice more, and appreciate the positive aspects of my life. I am so grateful that Joy has helped me develop clarity as I maneuver through this new phase of my life.              

Liz Lieberman

Joy is amazing. I’ve never met anyone who so embodied their name. She has an intuition that works overtime to guide her in helping others and her positivity is infectious. She’s an amazing teacher and coach.

The Art of Love Workshop

Dana Joffe

Loved, loved, loved this workshop! The closing "soul-to-soul" circle during the first half of the workshop was extremely powerful and moving! The concept of the two stage approach added to the dimension of the workshop!

The Art of Love Workshop

Marilyn Segal

I loved this workshop. It was a WOW! Joy is truly an amazing teacher. She helps you feel comfortable in sharing just by being in her presence. I think the perfect combination was the topic in the morning on LOVE and then breaking out to paint from our hearts in the afternoon was truly a great way to dance in the spirit of LOVE. There's a special bonding that happens when you come together with like-minded people and share ... truly share from our hearts and then share in the silence of creating a piece of art. Thank you so much Joy. You get an A-plus. I loved the whole day. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I was led to come because I wanted a communion with women and I knew the presenters. YOU and Patricia would bring something very special to us. The topic of LOVE is always a magnet and with the combination of playing in the arts enhanced the experience. It truly was a divine experience.

Art of Love Workshop

Pauley Tedoff

I made a special trip from out of town to attend this unique day-long workshop - and it was well worth the journey! Joy facilitated a wonderful morning full of heartfelt sharing and uplifting group exercises - all in an incredibly safe and nurturing space where fellow participants felt more like trusted confidants than strangers. The morning workshop cultivated the perfect mindset to create beautiful artwork together in the afternoon. I whole-heartedly recommend Joy as both a workshop facilitator and one-on-one coach! I look forward to attending more of her events in the future!

Laughter: Medicine for the Soul  

Mindy Strich

This was one of the most creative and fun workshops I have ever attended! Joy is a born teacher   , storyteller and leader. If you are looking for a way to bring people together, improve company morale or deeper friendships I highly recommend JOY. She is medicine for the soul.           


Laughter the Best Medicine

Donna Love Huling, Women of Vision

Joy Goodman 'joyfully' led our Women of Vision gathering yesterday! Oh my did we enjoy her class!! 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'! We laughed our cares away for sure! Everyone left feeling lighter, more connected to themselves and others and with a different frame of reference than we arrived! Great Medicine!

Laughter the Best Medicine


When is the last time you had fun? Do you laugh enough? It truly is the best medicine you know. I spend most of my time “adulting” and have to admit that playful laughter with others is not on the agenda as often as I would like. Joy, and her workshop LAUGHTER: MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL was the balm. Lots of fun and left 10 lbs lighter - in spirit! There were around 20 of us at the event - we ALL loved it!

Courageous Women of Wisdom Healing Center

Meagan Lewis

The Courageous Living support group for women has truly been a blessing for me. I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously and this group has served as a catalyst to my growth, my healing, and the evolution into a greater version of myself. Joy is a beautiful woman and a wonderful motivational speaker and I am grateful to be a part of her group. Sharing the same space with other powerful women only acts as a gateway to unleashing my own power. I believe that many people would benefit from a group such as this and I wish that everyone could have a clone of Joy as a wonderful leader of the group!

Courageous Women of Wisdom Healing Center


I feel so grateful to you and each of the amazing openhearted women in the group. I especially cherish the calm, loving, safe space you provide for us all with your beautiful guided meditations and insights. Even if I come churned up, I always leave centered. You've taught me so much Joy, and have gently helped me find my way, one step at a time, towards courageous living over these past two years. I cherish this time we've spent together, and your unwavering support of me.

I want to thank you Joy, from my soul to yours for coming into my life at exactly the right time and offering me so many gifts.

Courageous Women of Wisdom Healing Center


"With your special gift of "attunement" to the hearts of others and your keen, crisp intellect, you blanket other souls in beautiful "enlightenment"!

It's the kind that helps us see Truth, understand who we deeply are, and then opens us up to self-acceptance and self-love. I am on the road to seeing my Truth and realizing that I am really enough. Peeling away years of the effects of personal trauma and negative thinking is quite a journey! And I am so happy that it was you that showed me the way! May your life be continuously nourished by the Love that you generously offer others!

Mandy Roth

"One thing I love about you, Joy, is that you have the courage to do the hard work and share your story with others. It is cleansing to you and inspiring to those who love you. And, by sharing this with your congregation, you have also inspired an entire community and lives far beyond your own."


"This was a talk that was universal. Something for everyone. Your personal stories made the concepts come alive in a relatable way. Anyone could insert themselves and experience the ups and downs that come with the quest of becoming truly authentic. Your presence and loving heart are a gift. The courage you show blazes a path for others to take their own steps along the way."

Loving & Listening Participant

Marilyn Schulman

I attended Joy's recent presentation for Women of Vision on "Learning to Love Yourself." It was a wonderful heart-opening presentation. Joy is so full of love! Her presentation was so well organized and well-planned. She presented a very masterful workshop. I benefited greatly from it. 

Donna Love Huling

Loving & Listening Participant

Women of Vision of Atlanta hosted Joy Goodman as the guest speaker recently. Her class “Loving and Listening to Myself:The Power of Self-Love” was lovingly delivered with such open hearted presence. Each person attending truly felt they received insight, wisdom and healing on many levels. Thank you Joy for gracing our collective of women.

Larry Lipman, professional team building success coach

Courageous Living Class Participant

"I had a great time! Juicy discussion topics and excellent engagement with all the participants.  I COMPLIMENT YOUR FACILITATION SKILLS: Started and ended on time, made sure no one hogged the floor, listened well, and validated all. You showed the power of vulnerability and strength by sharing personal stories. Your passion shows. That’s the key to facilitation to me!"

Mickey Katz

Courageous Living Class Participant

"Anyone who attended even one session realizes how much love and effort Joy puts into each discussion. We were the beneficiaries; she was our inspiration."

Yoga Teacher Tra Kirkpatrick

Courageous Living Class Participant

"Courage and joy is something we ALL can use more of these days. Joy Goodman has long been facilitating these values in young people and adults. I have observed her in action over the years and all I can say is that she is truly a BEAM OF LIGHT and an INSPIRATION."

Walt Robillard

Courageous Living Class Participant

"I attended Joy Goodman’s Courageous Living class at the request of my daughter and frankly, I am happy she convinced me to attend. At nearly 87 years old it is hard for me to envision anything new. What could this class do for me?  Each week Joy offered different subjects for consideration. I became engrossed and wanted to contribute what l could. Joy offered suggestions to lift oneself up from the everyday drudgery we must meet in order to survive day after day.  After completing her sessions, I can reaffirm, 'Life is worth living.'"


"My work with Joy is freeing me from self-created limitations. Through her gentle and loving guidance, I am replacing self-doubt and anxiety with calm and a sense of excited anticipation. I feel my own transformation as I discover my deeper truths and personal gifts. I know that something is happening in my little chrysalis. Joy humbly glows with divine love and healing energy."


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