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Seeds of Joy: Finding Beauty

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

What seeds of beauty are you planting in your life?

Four years ago, several landscapers submitted bids averaging $2000 to redo my front yard. I delayed the project because the timing did not feel right. In the meantime, I planted annuals each season, learned the basics of yard care, and repeatedly visualized a colorful, creative, and butterfly-filled garden.

Last year several utility companies buried cables in my yard. When their work was complete, they connected me with a contractor who would restore my heavily damaged yard. Although it took several years for my garden dreams to manifest, I received everything and more, as a GIFT from the Universe!

I am a true believer that all happens in the right and perfect time...and not a minute before!

I love the beauty of my yard; it provides peace, Joy, and visual nourishment to all who see it.

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