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Seeds of Joy ... IT'S THE LAW

Early one morning two years ago, I went to my favorite duck park with photographer, Niki Murphy, for my website photo shoot. Feeling like kids in a candy shop, we eagerly sampled an array of colorful and creative backdrops for my posing.

As we walked around the large pond, my eyes focused on this bright yellow sign that read:



Per my request, Niki edited the photo leaving just the top 3 words.

You see, in the last ten years "IT'S THE LAW" has taken on a greater meaning for me and has transformed by life in many ways.

I am not talking about Legal laws, created by humans,which can be changed, updated, or deleted.

I also am not referring to Physical/Natural lawsthat operate in the outer universe and are discoverable by scientists, like the Law of Gravity. We know it works and we accept it as a law.

I AM referring to Spiritual Laws, often called Universal Laws. They influence our lives every moment. For example, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Mind demonstrate how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. OUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, WORDS, AND ACTIONS PRODUCE ENERGIES, WHICH, IN TURN, ATTRACT LIKE ENERGIES.

Amazing gifts have come into my life when putting these laws into practice! Here are just a few examples:

Manifesting trips to Hawaii and Alaska at an incredibly looow price. For months, I focused my thoughts on being in each of these places. I would feel the excitement as though I was already there. I spoke only positive words about this happening, and I took action by looking at different possibilities! Voila! I energetically attracted what I had imagined!

When looking for my home in 2006, I made a wish list of the features I wanted inside the house and in the yard, what type of neighborhood, location, and the energies I wanted to feel when living there. I joyfully received 30 out of the 33 requests for my new living space!

Regarding my inner growth work, I emphatically declared to the Universe my preference for learning through joyful experiences rather than from painful ones, like in the past. Several months after stating this, I attended a large gala fundraiser to which many raffle tickets had been sold. My mouth dropped open when I heard my name announce as the winner of the grand prize: 7 Days is a Tuscan Villa!

My joyful growth opportunity had arrived! I knew that the Universe was giving me this gift so I could face my fear of traveling alone. You see, I carried the fear of my ancestors, who fled from persecution in Poland. My Grandmother and her 5 children, which included my mother, found freedom in America; however, they remained prisoners of the terror they had faced. I was raised to believe the world was not a safe place and that I could not trust people.

In order to live a free and joyful life, I had to move through this fear! So, with the love, assistance, and support of countless individuals who helped me prepare for this trip, I traveled solo in Italy for 2 glorious weeks! Engaging fully with warm-hearted Italians, eating their scrumptious food, and taking in the beauty of the land, I felt the joy of inner freedom and a wonderful sense of adventure!

To this very day, I truly believe that my focused thoughts, feelings, words, and actions created this marvelous growth opportunity. Now you know why the words, IT’S THE LAW, caught my eye on the day of my photo shoot!

I invite you to share one of your success stories with me! Use the Contact Form or email me at

(By the way, you can see more of the pics on my Courageous Living with Joy website.)

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