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Seeds of Joy: My Cup Overflows With LOVE

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

I have been creating in an art journal since the first week of April, with my creative coach and artist/jewelry designer, Patricia DiBona! I had a vision one morning at 4 am of a coffee cup overflowing with LOVE. This vision became the focus of a new journal art page. Each of the hearts in this painting were hand cut and individually painted before they were glued to the page. This drawing, enlarged to poster-size, made its debut on September 8 when I led a 2-hour workshop hosted by the Women of Vision. The topic was "LOVING and LISTENING to MYSELF: THE POWER of SELF-LOVE". After decades of inner healing, spiritual exploration, and growth opportunities, I have learned that REAL LOVE is enduring, expansive, inclusive, unconditional, and limitless. I send my Cup, overflowing with LOVE, to ALL of YOU, who are reading this blog!

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