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Seeds of Joy: Sunflower Power

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

My friend, Karina, convinced me to buy a small package of sunflower seeds at the garden store; I followed her advice. Upon returning home, I sprinkled the seeds into a large concrete planter, added fertilizer, and watered them well. As the little dots disappeared into the dark soil, I blessed them with love. What joy in watching them transform into 7-foot stalks with their beautiful yellow faces reaching towards the Sun!

I feel a kinship with these flowers because we share some common attributes:

I, too, started out as a tiny speck, barely visible to the human eye, with my essence already encoded within.

I, too, need Nourishment for my body’s Growth and Development.

I, too, need the Light and Warmth of the sun to thrive.

I, too, contain bountiful Seeds of Potentiality within my heart’s center.

The sunflower’s petals in my painting are expansive, bold, and boundless, beckoning me to spread my wings and fly! The red heart filled with seeds is a reminder of the unlimited potential seeded within me. I NOW CHOOSE TO EXPRESS MYSELF FULLY AND FREELY!

The CHOICE is mine, and I SAY, "YES"!


​​#Women of Wisdom Healing Group

#Express Yourself with JOY!

#Heart 2 Heart with JOY!

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