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Seeds of Joy: When Grace and Love Came to Me!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Seeds of JOY: When Grace and Love Came to Me!

Five years ago, I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a vivid dream that stirred me:

I am sitting on the driver’s side of an old-fashioned car that has the flat bench seat. My front window is rolled down. All of a sudden, a chocolate colored cat leaps through the window and sits beside me. We stare at one another briefly, and then I begin saying, “I love you sooo much!” The cat telepathically sends the same message back to me; I can hear its words clearly and loudly. We keep repeating this same sentiment back and forth for 7 rounds until I actually awaken in my bed.

For several years prior to this dream, I had been looking to adopt a declawed cat but did not find one that felt like a good fit. I figured the timing was not right, so I stopped my search.

Shortly after my dream, I received a call from my friend Sharyn, who was determined to match me with the right feline. She exclaimed, “Joy, I think I’ve found the perfect cat for you; she is a beautiful chocolate point Siamese who has been declawed and spayed! She mentioned that Dan, a mutual friend, had been feeding this homeless cat at his doorstep for a while and was concerned when she didn’t show up for 6 days. Upon her return, he noticed a large infected coyote bite on her backside. He rushed her to the vet for treatment. Dan housed the recovering cat while he began the search for that special someone to adopt her.

As Sharyn relayed these details to me, a sudden rush of warmth and love filled my heart. These unexpected sensations confirmed that I had finally met my match…and just like in my dreams, she was chocolate and, oh, boy, do I love dark chocolate!

I named her Gracie Shana, because Divine Grace brought her to me and Shana because she is beautiful. Our 5- year relationship continues to deepen richly as we both experience what Real Love is.

Thank you, Spirit, for bringing Gracie and me together in this lifetime …and thank you, Sharyn and Dan for being key players in this happy tail and tale!

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