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The creation of a 1,000 forests is in one acorn. So plant a single seed from your heart and nurture it. Imagine what can grow!
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

When I began taking private art lessons in May, 2018, I decided to combine my love for journaling with my enjoyment of colorful creativity. I joyfully share my latest inspiration with you!

My journey to finding love began a long time ago! The false beliefs that infiltrated my mental and emotional bodies convinced me that:

*I had to earn love by becoming a pleaser.

*I had to earn love by becoming an over-achiever.

*I had to earn love by being docile and nice.

*I had to earn love by being obedient.

*I had to earn love by stuffing down my feelings.

But even when I did embody these qualities, I was not guaranteed a lasting love, but rather one that could be conditional, illusive, and fleeting. Plus, it seemed like I had to become what someone else's idea of me was, in order to win the love I so deeply desired. This pursuit left me feeling empty, untrusting, and protective of my heart.

After many transformative years of traveling on the "Yellow Brick Road" of life, looking for Love in all the wrong places, I have found the way back Home to my True Self. The unconditional Love within my own Heart has waited patiently for my return. As I embody the art of Self-Love, I share it more fully with others.

What a rich Homecoming journey this continues to be!

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Updated: Dec 22, 2022

What seeds of beauty are you planting in your life?

Four years ago, several landscapers submitted bids averaging $2000 to redo my front yard. I delayed the project because the timing did not feel right. In the meantime, I planted annuals each season, learned the basics of yard care, and repeatedly visualized a colorful, creative, and butterfly-filled garden.

Last year several utility companies buried cables in my yard. When their work was complete, they connected me with a contractor who would restore my heavily damaged yard. Although it took several years for my garden dreams to manifest, I received everything and more, as a GIFT from the Universe!

I am a true believer that all happens in the right and perfect time...and not a minute before!

I love the beauty of my yard; it provides peace, Joy, and visual nourishment to all who see it.

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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Six years ago, my friend and I were returning to Atlanta from a peaceful 5-day get-away to the beautiful Florida coast. We stopped at a roadside shop selling a wide variety of outdoor art. The peaceful aura around "Meditation Girl" immediately caught my eye, and I brought her home with me.

Perched on a small boulder in my garden, she is a daily reminder to connect with my own inner stillness. Meditation and deep breathing are tools I use in finding the calmness within. They offer me a much needed refuge from the turbulence of the outer world.

What brings you peace?

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